Training Resources

We like to give back to our community. That's why we have shared resources like the GFCGlobal/ training videos, and others, linked on this page. While we provide training when and where necessary, those sessions come with scheduling infrequent, planned and organized classes. Why wait? The classes linked on this page will provide you with a LOT of knowledge, and they're free!


Computer Resources

Basic Computer Skills

This tutorial deals wiuth very basic computer skills for the newest users. 

Basic Skills


Computer Basics
Computer Science

Computer Skills

Mouse Tutorial

This interactive tutorial will teach you basic mouse skills and tips. 

Mouse Tutorial


Typing Tutorial
Tech Tips

Windows Resources

Windows Basics

In this free tutorial by GFCGlobal/, you will learn how to navigate, find/send files, use shortcuts, etc... in Windows.

Windows Basics

Windows 8
Windows 10

Microsoft Office/OpenOffice

Office 2016

This tutorial will provide basic skills for the following Office 2016 applications: Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Access. 

Office 2016

Office 2019/365

MacOS Resources


Where better to go for info on using a Mac? Well, Apple, of course. This official Apple support page has numerous articles from setting up a new Mac to switching from Windows. 

Mac Support

Mac For Beginners
The MacU

PC vs Mac


A computer is a computer, right? Well, not exactly. Regardless of the intended need or use, there are many different operating systems in the wild today - MacOS and Windows being the most popular, commerically, at least.


While the internal hardware is similar between a Mac OS computer and a Windows computer, there are many diffrences, and they're not all software. This article by Busliness Insider explains just eleven of the differences. Even though it's from 2015, I highly recommend reading it if you're considering purchasing a new computer, or just curious.